Hi, my name is Matt.

Creativity Runs in the Family.

My mother was a Filipino immigrant who came from a musically talented family. My father is a talented American who studied studio art and later became a wedding videographer for an award winning Disney photographer. Together, they raised me in a faith based home. Much of my childhood, including the days at the hospital following my birth, were all documented on film which was later passed on to me when I would appreciate them after high school. Tragically, my mother passed away of cancer when I was young and it was her dying wish for me to find my calling and use it faithfully. After high school graduation, cassette tapes of musical compositions were found. They were from my mom, while in hospice care, giving thanks to God for my life. As moving as it is, it was a sign of confirmation for me. I realized that my mother had wanted me to do something extraordinarily creative, possibly in the world of photography and videography, that my father had exposed me early on. This stuck with me throughout my college days and I had to do something about it. It led me to passionately capture my family and friends during their most precious moments. There is not one day that I don't remember where and who I come from.

The origins of my creative process.

Growing up in the local church meant having many serving opportunities. One of these opportunities is in production. Having the privilege of serving in this capacity meant continuous self improvement and continuing education by learning from other creatives and professionals. After landing an internship and a key staff position within a local mega-church, I headed a ministry of 20+ media production volunteers on a weekly basis and helped produce well orchestrated worship experiences that aired online nationally and internationally. Since then, I have been honored to have people trust me with capturing some of their most significant moments and days of their lives as a freelancer. I am incredibly grateful that my passion and calling has evolved into a lasting professional side job.

From Me to You.

I hope you will take some time to look through some of the work I have compiled for you to get a sense of my style and how I shoot. Some photos you will see are recent, and others are from years past, but most importantly I hope you will see that my work is timeless and lasting. I've always thought of photography as a gift. It is a gift for us to remember moments that are frozen in time. As your memories fade, your pictures will always remind you of a particular time, a feeling, a loved one, or even a celebration. My promise to you is that I will be a professional, accountable, creative, and relational photographer that tells your story the way it is authentically presented. I look forward to hearing your story, telling your story, and getting to know you better. See you soon!


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